Hackacity 2022


Where data enthusiasts gather to tackle Porto’s present and future challenges.







Hackacity is a one-of-a-kind hackathon that explores the potential of open city data to develop solutions that will impact the community.

Since 2016, 6 Hackacity editions have been held in Porto. As the city works its datasets and gets further in the decision-making support, the hackatons become more and more challenging..






Data scientists
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City data challenge

A challenge to improve life in cities

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How and where tourists concentrate in Porto’s historic centre?


By analysing the correlation coefficients between the various types of points of interest (museums, monuments, panoramic and information points) with ATM transactions and mobility, the city can find the best ways to decentralize tourism throughout the territory. 

That led the group to build a predictive model of tourist density in the city, using as proxy for demand the scooter activity and as proxy for supply the points of interest.

The solution aimed to improve the design of services to be offered to citizens and tourists. 

Hackacity greatly serves the innovation ecosystem in Porto by encouraging the implementation of new ideas, by allowing networking with people from different backgrounds and by creating the perfect environment for innovation. Surely many project and startup ideas will come out of Hackacity, directly or indirectly.

We believe that through collaboration with Porto Digital we can develop our solution into something that might become useful to the city of Porto. In fact, Imaginary Cloud [the group’s employer] already has a Community of Practice for Data Science and improving our solution may become one of our projects.”


How to improve the quality of the tourism offer in the city of Porto?


A dashboard for monitoring and simulating the creation of added value in each area of Porto. By manipulating variables such as the number of tourists in the city, the dashboard allows checking the indicators impact on an aggregate indicator representative of tourism in the city of Porto.

This was a good opportunity to explore the open data of Porto and we believe that the initiative is quite important for the innovation ecosystem, once it allows the participants to design new solutions, and further implement them, to improve the city’s sustainability, making impactful changes in the community.


How to quantify tourism demand and supply in the city of Porto?


Quantification of tourism in terms of added value, measured by its critical success factors and represented with the greatest possible geographical granularity (hexagons) to apply the results. 

We are very happy and proud of taking part on Hackacity 2022! The initiative shows Porto’s effort to improve the city from a digital perspective, which opens new doors for projects and startups.


Where do people spend money in the city of Porto?


Based on data related to tourist spending, the ATM transactions from foreigner citizens and the flights having Portugal as destination, a web platform was created to assist in the decision-making process regarding the city’s (and its different areas) investment potential.

We appreciated the challenge and the lessons learned and we consider Hackacity an excellent opportunity to build a better and wider network, not only with our peers but also with the great mentors involved in the initiative.

Hackacity’s main goal is to generate solutions of interest to the city of Porto. As such, the initially planned prizes were increased, and an additional prize was created (the Data Quality Award). Because in Porto it is our understanding that greater challenges mean greater recognition.

* All prizes are awarded in gift cards (Amazon ES, Cartão Dá or FNAC).

Why participate?

  • Evaluate and improve the data of the city.
  • Network with other data enthusiasts and specialists.
  • Positively impact the community with your solution.
  • Have a great time with your team!
  • Hack some Prizes!


Carlos Gomes

Independent Contractor

Diego Esteves

Head of Data Science at OLX Group

Evgheni Polisciuc

Guest Professor at Universidade de Coimbra

Filipa Ferraz

Data Team Manager at Fujitsu & Researcher / Invited Assistant Professor at UMinho

Helena Miranda

Data Scientist at Nestlé Nespresso Global Operations Center


João Tiago Ascensão

Senior Director of Research at Feedzai

Miguel Almeida

Senior Data Scientist

Nélida Branco

Data Scientist at Fidelidade

Pedro Chaves

Director of Data Science at Select Data

Raquel Carvalho

Director, Partner Development @ NielsenIQ

Raquel Sebastião

Researcher at IEETA – UA

Ricardo Vitorino

Head of R&I for Smart Cities

Tiago Otto Rodrigues

Data Science Manager at Farfetch

Rita Ribeiro

Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science – FCUP

Vitória Albuquerque

Researcher / Data Scientist @ MagIC


Bruno Jardim

Data Scientist at NOVA Cidade

Daniel Moura

Principal Data Scientist at Nexar

Inês Dutra

Assistant Professor of the Department of Computer Science at FCUP

Paulo Calçada

CEO and Board Member at Porto Digital

Teresa Stanislau

Board Member at STCP Services


Hackacity is open to both data enthusiasts and data science professionals, 18 years or older. If you fill these requirements, this event is perfect for you! Keep in mind that your team will need some experience (academical, professional, hobby, etc.) for solving the challenge within a short period of time.

No, the registration and participation in Hackacity are free of charge.

We encourage everyone to find a team pre-registration but if you don’t have one and still want to participate, you can register individually and we’ll give our best to find you a team.

Teams must have between 3 and 5 elements.

Registrations will close at 11:59 PM (GMT+1), 2nd September 2022. We will let you soon after you register.

Hackacity is a great opportunity for peer networking, improving your skills, winning prizes, and making some awesome memories. 🙂

The event will take place on the 9th of September on Estádio do Dragão, Porto.

We’ll be providing you with lunch, coffee breaks and drinks at the end of the event.

A good mood, humour and eagerness to learn are welcome! Also, anything you expect to use to solve the challenge (laptop, tablet, etc.).

You do! The team that develops the project is the owner and author of the project and IP. Nevertheless, the Hackacity organisation may use your solutions for promotional purposes and might want to implement your solution. In that case, you and your team will be contacted first.

Great that you would like to help the competition! All of our mentors are volunteers with at least 3 years of experience in the data science field. Drop a line to hi@hackacity.eu and we will let you know what is expected.

Sure you do. If you foresee we can help, write to us at hi@hackacity.eu.









These companies allowed their collaborators to participate in Hackacity during a work day: